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Columbia Care


An unbelievable dispensary. Let me not be too overdramatic, but Columbia Care is far ahead of most dispensaries in terms of experience with their variety of cannabis and cannabis products. They have it all. GREAT flower (Chemdawg, Mint Chip), an entire spectrum of concentrates (DAB TABS), their dispensary contains displays regarding cannabis and its biology, and tremendous customer service. The team is very knowledgeable and willing to help with any question. They even referred me to their DIY moon rocks display where they instruct patients how to make moon rocks using solely their cannabis, including distillate and kief. The only other dispensary I know of that has moon rocks is Cannabliss (which I will be checking out). Columbia Care has it ALL. They will be turning into Cannabist and their entire rebrand is already happening around the country, soon in Florida. Visit this dispensary!


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