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Collins Ave (Cookies)


LOVE this one. Specifically the taste, it's incredible. Collins Ave tastes like a fucking piña colada. It's strong, tastes great, and looks pretty it's one of Cookies best looking flower. Sticky nugs, plump, and has a potent smell. Telling you, it's got it all. The high is a pretty balanced head and body high, didn't really get one more than the other. 22% THC and 2.5% terps, not bad numbers by any means. The only issues I really had was it had a bit of a harsh smoke to it and that Farnesene pops up in the COA, something that Cookies is notoriously known for having here in Florida. It's not THE dominant terp its on the lower end of the terp list but it's there. I get a little cottonmouth after a smoke, whatever. Very common with me I don't know why. Besides all that, Collins Ave is great. I'll buy it again. Easily. You should try it, too.


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