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Cereal Milk


FIRE! I tried to be as critical as possible with this strain. I've been getting Cookies newest drops lately, reviewing them, and honestly these last few months have shown great improvement on their flower. I'd say its some of Florida's best in the legal market. Cookies isn't top 3 (Jungleboys, Flowery, Gold Leaf), but right behind them. This Cereal Milk is a great example of that.

Amazing presentation as the cure is tremendous. Sticky nugs--not larfy, a dense purple finish, smelly as all hell. As soon as you crack the seal, that creamy-gas aroma stinks up the room. More of the same, honestly. Cookies flower is some of Florida's prettiest and best smelling. They're finally living up to the hype.

The high is also great. A STRONG body high, not heady whatsoever. You can really feel your body melt into the couch, and your eyes get heavier as you smoke more. It creeps in, too. Cereal Milk isn't a instant hitter, it'll take a couple minutes but the body-high slowly sedates you. I'll be honest in that I've had stronger body highs like Runtz (The Flowery) or Silicon Valley OG (Growhealthy), but this Cereal Milk is a good FUNCTIONING body high. Those strains I mentioned will knock you out, Cereal Milk won't. The type where you still feel high as shit, but not slumped. It isn't NECESSARILY a sleep strain, but it absolutely helps with it. You can get shit done, smoke it at work, maybe even after a workout. I love it, and I'll totally buy it again.


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