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Bubba Kush (Growhealthy)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


Meh, it's ok. It's funny, the first strain I tried at Growhealthy about a little more than a year ago today (6/17/2021) was Bubba Kush and I remember loving it at first cause it was stronger than other dispensary shit (like Harvest) and it being the reason I went back to Growhealthy to try all their other strains. Bubba Kush just didn't age well I suppose. It's one of the more milder strains there. An Indica at around 20% THC it's relaxing, and the body high last around 45 minutes-hour. It's not terrible don't get me wrong, but it's not one I'll be going out of my way for. For instance, I have a lot to do right now and the strain is like keeping me in bed and getting distracted. It's one of those highs, kind of like you don't wanna do shit, goof around. It's a lazy high. It doesn't blow my mind. The flower is pretty, though. Nice shades of purple and orange in there. Not necessarily frosty but plush with a potent smell. I like that the most about it, the smell. Now, perhaps my tolerance is higher and that's why I'm not particularly impressed by Bubba Kush now, but I also know when some weed is kicking my ass and this one isn't. If you're looking to chill the hell out and not do shit, smoke Bubba Kush. Again, Growhealthy has the strongest bud around but this one is their milder ones, and there's nothing wrong with that.

photo courtesy to Growhealthy


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