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Brown Sugar Wraps

Updated: Sep 15, 2021


I'll be honest, I was pretty excited when I saw this product at a local smoke shop considering I had never seen it before, it was Caribbean themed, and it was packaged as individual leaves/wraps. On top of that, Brown Sugar came with its own "plant-based gum" that you apply to the wrap before you seal it so there's no need for licking it. Brown Sugar's concept was fucking GENIUS, but the execution is a little bit off. First off, their wraps are incredibly thin, as there label clearly says, but they're so thin that they break at the smallest pull. When I was rolling the blunt, the leaves kept breaking at the tips because they were so fragile/thin. I went through probably 3 wraps (thank God it came with 10) before I could finally finish rolling the blunt. I had to be so careful, which is super annoying when rolling because one thing is like rolling a paper or a Backwood where they can be pretty thin or break off a little easier than other times, but Brown Sugar's wraps would break at the smallest twist. The gum adhesive was a cool addition, I just hope it is safe to inhale because you can taste it when you smoke.

Brown Sugar's wraps didn't burn too well. It was a fast burn and before I could really enjoy the blunt after having to roll it 3 different times, it was finished. The taste of the wrap was OK compared to other tobacco wraps, and though I am not big into tobacco (most of my reviews are using papers and hemp wraps), I do enjoy having a little tobacco from time to time just to relieve myself from the cravings I sometimes get. It actually tastes better than Swishers or White Owl's but they didn't burn nearly as well. I was severely underwhelmed because I thought the concept was brilliant where I didn't have to split the blunt apart and release all the guts, I didn't have to lick the wrap, and it came with 10. If they can fix these issues, Brown Sugar can EASILY be one of the best tobacco wraps in the market. It's a fantastic idea that was just executed poorly.


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