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Brandywine (Curaleaf)

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


Very Good! As someone who sometimes has trouble sleeping at night, I found that Brandywine is the perfect strain to induce drowsiness and, eventually, cause you to knock out. It is an Indica and it contains some of the more stereotypical Indica effects, like sleepiness. According to, it is a cross between Pink Champagne and Grandpa's Breath, both Indica-dominant strains. It has a vine-like smell to it. It's potent as hell. DON'T CARRY IT AROUND IF YOU'RE NOT TRYING TO REEK! Beside it inducing sleepiness, it packs quite a punch in its high. As you study its beauty, you'll find the color purple in the flower. Those who are into the color of weed will love how Brandywine looks. It's a great strain to pull out at a party and show off to friends and fellow smokers if you are one to do. The high lingers for a while, I'd say 2 or 3 hours of a consistent drunk-like high. It's not a good idea to smoke this strain before work cause you'll be finding yourself more tired than usual. At Curaleaf (Tallahassee, Fl) it is priced at $35 per eighth, that is if they aren't having promotions as they usually do. The reward points that can be used as a discount also helps lower the price lower (make sure you're signed up for rewards at Curaleaf). Brandywine is one of the higher-percentage strains at Curaleaf being at 18% THC, which makes it a strain worth trying if that's something you look for. It is not one of my favorite strains, like a top 5 strain, but its enjoyable and presents many benefits. I even found myself hungry more often than not when I smoked Brandywine. If you find yourself at a Curaleaf destination and you see Brandywine, I for sure recommend giving it a try. (pictures coming soon)


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