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Blue Dream Crumble (Sanctuary)

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


Very underwhelming and disappointing. I like Sanctuary, but I think only for their flower cause the concentrates have been shit so far. The shatter didn't impress me and this crumble was even more disappointing. Usually, good crumble stays in its form throughout its life. What I mean is by the time I got home, the crumble had MELTED. I can understand driving an hour in the South Florida humidity is rough on extracts, but I didn't think the fucking thing would melt like a popsicle. I've seen this happen with other shitty concentrates in the market, but the Blue Dream was still smokable. I threw it in the freezer, it solidified, and I took a few dabs. Smelled good, very lemony, not sure if that's normal cause I couldn't get the COA (the barcode on the jar was too distorted). The high was a creeper, so it didn't hit instantly. Then, after 5 minutes it starts to hit, and it's not TOO bad. It's a pretty good mind high, great for focusing like doing homework, regular work, shit like that. But, it doesn't last long. It's fucked. Maybe because it melted, idk. All I know is that GOOD QUALITY crumble doesn't do that. Cmon Sanctuary. DO BETTER.


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