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Black Widow (Curaleaf)

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


Highly recommend! Black Widow is definitely a favorite strain of mine for its multiple purposes. If I feel the need to eat then it helps out with hunger. Or maybe if I ate too much, then the Black Widow can calm that bloating feeling you get when you stuff your face a little too quick. If I need to sleep it'll help put me to sleep. It helps me stay up, too, if need be. Black Widow is just fucking great. It's potent, too. Those who like the look of the flower will love Black Widow. Besides its frosty finish, the nugs are mostly purple. It's pleasing to the eye. This is one strain you would like to show around the room and let others smell, if you so felt the need to. I attached two images of the nug here because it's that nice! The high is pretty moderate for the most part. It's a head high, and it lingers for about a few hours before it wears off. It's intense at first but nothing overwhelming where you'd get a fucking panic attack after smoking. This batch from Curaleaf (Tallahassee, Fl) is at 15% THC, which isn't a necessarily high percentage. Curaleaf isn't really known for carrying high-THC weed. They usually have their strains between the 9-17% THC, which explains why their prices are far more affordable than other dispensaries that charge between $45-$55 for an eighth. At Curaleaf, they're usually $30-$35 an eighth. And they have Black Widow, which is a kickass strain.


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