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Banana OG (Liberty Health Sciences)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


Pretty Good. It's mellow but it keeps your focus steady and smooth. It's a pretty looking flower, too, with specs of yellow and a frosty finish. There is a hint of banana in its smell but it's faint. It'd have to look like you're snorting the fucking nug to smell the banana aroma. It's an Indica at 24% THC. Not a necessarily intense high, either. It's mellow. This weed is perfect when you have nothing much to do, like a day off for example, and you start smoking to pass the time. This does that nicely where it keeps me up and chilled. Watch a movie, like I am right now; Machete. Funny how that movie started as a joke. This weed is also less than $35 an eighth, which is a pretty damn good price for its quality. Not great, but pretty good. Budget weed for the harder time. Liberty Health also has weed cheaper than that for an eighth. I'll fuck with that at some point. Might be down bad when it happens.


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