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Applescotti (Preferred Gardens)


Alright. This wasn't my favorite of the drop and likely my least favorite of all the Preferred strains, so far. It's not bad whatsoever, it's just not great or live up to the standards they've created. Lets start with the positives, tho. The cure, the smell, and the taste are FANTASTIC. Holy shit, the cure was mindblowing. Stickier than most dispensary bud, probably stickier than anything you'll find in Florida (excluding the black market). The smell and taste are of rich green apples with a gassy undertone. Rip this shit from your bong and you'll understand, the taste is pretty impressive. The entire presentation of this flower is top notch, absolutely some of the prettiest bud I've seen in this program.

The strength wasn't very potent, I've had stronger. Definitely feel it hit at first, and its more of a head high than a body one. The high is good, not great. A few rips off the bong will get you feeling nice and high, but it's not gonna last long and its not an impressive high. It fades quick and it just doesn't smack like other Preferred strains. This Applescotti reminds me alot of the Double Stuffed Oreoz they dropped less than a month ago. Good, not great. They aren't on the levels of Znackz or Lemon Trees, and I get how annoying it is for their new shit to constantly be compared to the older ones, but it's just what it is. Again, the presentations for these strains are impressive but the strength doesn't NECESSARILY match it. Applescotti is far better than MOST flower you'll find at Florida dispensaries, but as far as Preferred Gardens standards go, it isn't a headliner. I enjoyed their Gary Payton much more; that one lived up to the hype. The Applescotti, though, doesn't really compare. It's good bud, and I don't want anyone thinking I'm shitting on Preferred because their flower is still at the top, but this strain specifically isn't part of their shiny examples.


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