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Apples and Bananas (Cookies)


Hard to love. Don't get me wrong, this is a good strain and I'm sure out west it's MUCH better, but this strain didn't hit me the way I thought it would. The flavor was ass, didn't get either apples or bananas, the smoke was harsh, and the only the real part I enjoyed was the high but it didn't last long. The high is a strong head high with slight relief to the body. Great for studying, writing, watching a movie, something active with the mind. BUT that's after a few rips from the bong or a few puffs off the J (or whatever you smoke out of). And it's HARSH fr. If you can stomach that, by all means this is your strain. This isn't necessarily for me as I wouldn't buy it twice. Unless it's for sale. The fact that there's NO Farnesene is a plus as well because Cookies has many strains with that terp. This one's COA didn't have Farnesene popping up. Delightful for the masses. NOT worth $60.


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