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Animal Tsunami


GODDAMN! I was so ready to criticize the hell out of this flower, ready to slander Jungleboys and hopefully catch em with their pants down. But I couldn't for the life of me complain about this Animal Tsunami, as it's one of the best strains in the market for heavy head highs. First, the presentation is incredible. Spirals on the flower, cheesy, lots of trichomes popping out, smelly. As soon as you crack the seal off the mylar bag, you smell the gassy, earthy aroma INSTANTLY. More of the same from Jungleboys. Consistency has been part of their success and why they're loved in Florida.

The head high smaaaaaacks. It creeps in heavy after 2 minutes and stays in your head for about an hour, or two. Tsunami's strong, great for focusing, like if you got alotta shit to do, then smoke it. It will help, if you not a little bitch. Smelly, dank weed. Take this anywhere and your car or clothes will reek of this. Take that as a warning or an invitation, you're getting high as shit, that's what matters.

I recommend this strain 100%, and shoutout to those boys on discord who told me about these drops! Jungleboys are killing it. The new dispo on Collins Ave is cool, too. I didn't HAVE to go there, since shopping at the North Miami location would save me 30 minutes in driving, but Michelle runs that spot and shoutout to her, fr! Always supporting the Blog much love to her. The Collins Ave spot got really good merch. The Flowery and Jungleboys got the best merch. Guess I gotta make that a new category when comparing these dispensaries.


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