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ROUGH! Damn, damn, damn. I was really let down with this flower because I LOVE the Alaska cartridge. It's strong as hell, tasty, and easily one of the best carts I've ever smoked. This flower, on the other hand, just blows. It looks pretty ugly, despite flashing your light to see its many trichome heads popping out. Maybe it's because it's grown outside, but compared to Florida's premier shit, this is laughable.

HOWEVER, the PR guy for Vidacann, or whoever runs their Reddit account, went on there and stated that their flower IS NOT meant to be that sticky, yucky, glup shitto weed that the top dispensaries are pumping out. No, they stated their flower is meant to heal, not get you smacked on the couch.

Essentially, certified MIDS. I don't know if approaching this growing market with that attitude is necessarily the best idea considering Florida's favorite legal, medical shops and brands are the ones selling exotics (Jungle Boys, The Flowery, etc.). Now, they also CANNOT come out and say they have the best weed, because it's simply not true, and I used to cape hard for them until it became clear that the flower is bunk (with the exception of a few strains).

There really isn't a strong taste with Alaska. Its got a slight flavor that the cart has, which I would describe as sort of a pine, earthy flavor. But not in the classical sense, if that makes any sense at all. It doesn't, and that's what it tastes like. The high creeps in, and it's honestly not the worst. You can really feel it hit, but it doesn't smack and doesn't last that long. Maybe 20, 30 minutes at most. It's a harsh smoke and light on the nose, taste, and legs. Just unimpressive and makes me understand more of what this community was complaining about for a while. Mids by Vidacann. DO BETTER!


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