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Afghani X Watermelon OG (Curaleaf)

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


Really good! This strain comes from Curaleaf's Live Blend where they infuse two strains together into one miraculous cart, the strains obviously being Afghani and Watermelon OG. It's live resin carts combined with solventless terpenes. The strain Afghani has a terpene called Myrcene so although it is an Indica, it gives you kick of energy and euphoria. The Watermelon OG gives the cart a smooth, tasty finish while incorporating its own effects. It's truly a great cart, like a Frankenstein of carts considering all that goes into it. The high is long lasting and energetic, though its not overwhelming either. It's a GREAT strai for when you need to get work done or to work out. Definitiely a productive high. These Live Blend carts were part of a deal Curaleaf had with carts where I bought only ONE and got TWO carts for free. Yall should know how much I love deals and how Curaleaf is ALWAYS delivering with their deals. And Curaleaf always has great carts. I've never had an issue with them. Interestingly enough the first carts I bought after getting a medical card a few years ago were from Curaleaf and I was introduced to the strain Blue Cheese. It was incredible. Ever since then I would usually only buy carts from Curaleaf, but I also enjoyed carts from Fluent, MUV, and Growhealthy too. I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm giving the company a lapdance with all this praise but their carts are great. 9/10


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