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Adios Motherf*cker

22% THC • Hybrid • 2.78% Terps


Fantastic, tho it has its drawbacks! Let's start with the positives, and it has many. The presentation is amazing. The cure was top notch, nugs weren't larfy whatsoever, nice trichomes popping out, beautiful look to the flower. The smell was pungent, too! I got a mix of gasoline and blueberry jam, an honestly impressive stench I wasn't expecting neither the flavor nor its strength to be loud like that. But it was, continuing this impressive run by Cookies and the high quality of their latest drops of flower. The RS11, Shirazi, Georgia Pie, and now this Adios M'fer headline some of their best looking flower, and strains that compete with Florida's best.

The high is STRONG. Love that about this. It creeps in, too, it's not an immediate smack to the face. This one takes its time, warms you up for the couchlock effects. I wouldn't smoke this during the day, ESPECIALLY if you need to get shit done. I'd leave this for the night, or maybe for those that could catch up on some sleep in the daytime if need be. Point is, it's a SLEEP and deep relaxation strain. Intense in both the head and body, a nice 50/50 split. Adios is great flower, and most patients in Florida have no idea how great it is or ANY of the latest drops. Cookies STILL hasn't opened up in Orlando (coming in April) and the delivery service in DeLand can only do so much for the constantly complaining patients of Florida. It's simply not enough, but help is on the way.

As for the bad, only a few. First, the high doesn't necessarily last the longest; 30 minutes tops. Though it's strong and can knock you out within those 30 minutes, the high just fades away after a little bit. Now, if you decide to keep smoking to feel the effects longer don't be surprised you fall asleep in the meantime. That drowsy boys strain. Also, the terp isn't a dominant one but Farnesene DOES show up in the COA. It's unfortunate, too, because Cookies went a while without it popping up. I thought maybe they pulled a MUV and stopped testing for it altogether. But alas, she pops up in there. For those unfamiliar as to why this is a big deal, click here. Regardless, 9/10, totally recommend, Florida doesn't know bout this fuego, that is why the Blog is crucial. I got y'all covered.


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