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Updated: Sep 4, 2021


There are very few places that make me feel like a child in a candy shop, and Rise is one of them. It's hard to explain why, but simply put their flower is incredible. It's the goddamn fix to any issue, stress, or unfortunate mishap that's happened in your life. I can't stop going to this dispensary no matter how badly I want to try the other dispensaries new products. Their flower isn't the only great aspect of their business, though. Rise not only appeals to me with their design and setup, like their décor and ambiance, but their customer service and organization is top notch and makes me feel comfortable whether I'm waiting and looking at their inventory or ordering my medicine. Everything is clean and neat, orderly and all. Nice people work there and their loyalty program works nicely every once in a while. I haven't tried their concentrates or inhalations (yet) simply because their flower is too damn good. They are incredibly potent from its smell, to its high, and to its THC percentages. They're always high, to my liking of course. SoFlo Kerosene, Florida Cake, Shreiker, Julius Caesar #9 (I think that was the number), and a few other strains have put me on my ass. For hours too, it's a long high when you smoke the shit from Rise so have some things planned out when you roll up. I also love how their strains have Florida incorporated in the name since that's where it's grown, and now maybe Florida's flower can be more respected because Rise's flower is simply one of the best. Growhealthy and Rise are constantly making me question "whose is best?" and Rise really makes a name for itself. It's a newer dispensary, only about 1 years old to this day, and its inventory is never short of medicine. Their Trim is also tremendous and they have a deal where you can get 14 GRAMS of Trim for $40, and some of the strains are in the 20%'s. It's an incredible deal that really shows how much Rise cares about being a well respected dispensary. They're continuously releasing new strains, too, so you will catch me at Rise regularly.

Rise locations I have visited:

Hallandale Beach


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