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MUV is certainly an interesting dispensary. It's futuristic look and theme is a great representation of what they have to offer. With it's incredible line of concentrates, such as shatter, crumble, and oils, MUV also sells several lines of technology made for enjoying concentrates. There was a point around late-2019 when I would regularly visit MUV (Tallahassee) and buy both their flower and concentrates, and this is how I really feel: Fantastic concentrates, OK flower. MUV is known for great concentrates, and I feel like their reputation alone explains why their grade is high. However, I am not a fan of their flower. Perhaps it's me, but the flower just isn't potent. The effects are apparent but not hard hitting. I'm a smoker who enjoys a potent smoke, and if I'm buying anything from anyone it's because I've put my entire trust into them, financially speaking of course. So, when I am not satisfied or completely sure of what it is I bought, I get frustrated. That being said, it's happened with MUV's flower. I've tried many strains like Triangle Kush, Slurricane, and Guru, and they weren't strains I would buy again. The Triangle Kush was the best of the 3, but like I said, nothing I'd buy again. I'm willing to continue trying their flower, but I'm hesitant. With their concentrates, I'm completely open and trusting of MUV, but with their flower I am cautious. MUV's prices are OK, usually pretty expensive, but it's good product and I don't hold their prices against them. Their technology is top-notch and has great warranties in case they are broken or you just decide it's not for you (happened to me with their oil pods). All in all, MUV is great! They can CERTAINLY be better, but a fun experience and impressive dispensary overall.

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